Ultra V Close Board Fences

UltraAt Advanced Fences & Gates we pride ourselves on the highest quality hand crafted fences.   We use high quality FSC certified timbers at all time to ensure our fences have great sustainable credentials.

Over the years our customers have enjoyed extreme durability from all our fences, however we understand that from time to time some customers want ultra performance fences.

Introducing the Ultra V Close Board Fence from Advanced Fences – Wigan

The Ultra V Close Board Fence is an even higher specification fence than our usual high quality range.  The Ultra V range features the added benefits of

  • Not only pressure treated but dipped in preservative too, providing even greater resistance to rot.
  • Every fence is fully framed using 75mm x 35 mm timbers – ensuring even higher strength compared to the fences framed with 45mm x 35mm timbers.
  • Ultra V Close board fences features a weather cap to protect the end grain through the toughest of conditions.

If you love your garden, enjoy your home and want the very highest ultra performance fences ask about our unique Ultra V range of fences, only from Advanced Fences & Gates – Wigan.

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