Spring Fence Check

fence with concrete baseSpring is in the air, now that the weather is starting to warm up and we all get out in the garden it’s a good time to do a spring fence check.

Checking the structure of fences through the winter can be a bit of a pain not to mention cold, but as the weather warms up it can be a good thing to check the integrity of all your garden fences.

The winter weather can have a dramatic effect on fences, the cold tempeatures, wet weather and wind can soon weaken fences seriously.  Checking your fences in spring can often ensure you get plenty of time to make repairs or buy new fence panels before the bad weather sets in again.

Here are a few things to check

  • If you have timber posts check the bottom for signs of rot.
  • If you have concrete posts look for major cracks or structural weakness.
  • Ensure all nails in the fence boards are tight to the timber
  • Check the base of all fences for signs of rot
  • Make sure debris is removed from the base of timber posts and fences to allow the panels to dry out naturally.
  • Treat the fence panels with a proprietary fence paint to water proof them.

Hand Built Fences - WiganIf you find any signs of damage, it’s best to have the fences and posts repaired of replaced very soon.  Early intervention now can help stop fences blowing down in the Autumn and Winter.

For all your fencing supplies you can rely on Advanced Fencing and Gates of Wigan.  With many years experience errecting fences and manufacturing fences in and around the Wigan area you can rest assured we provide the best products and service money can buy.

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