High Quality Hand Built Fences

Wigan-Fencing2Advanced Fencing of Wigan recently expanded it’s successful operation moving into manufacturing hand built high quality fencing.

Having been in the fencing installation business for many years we truly understand the qualities of a great fence panel. 

All too often customers have explained how they’ve bought fence panels from the large warehouses only to find them to be poor quality and poorly built.  The quality of the fence panels we have supplied over the years have always been superb quality, however we understood, as with everything they could be improved, with greater attention to detail, improved quality of materials, all constructed by hand to exacting specifications.

sustainable fencing timber

Hand built fences – high quality and durable.

Early 2016 we opened our first fence manufacturing facility in Wigan, a craft workshop dedicated to producing high quality and hand built fencing.  Using many years of expertise and superb construction skills all our fences are built to the highest specifications, if you require something a little different we can build special orders too.

Using responsibly sourced timber, we specialise mainly in close board fence panels of all sizes.  All fences come with our professional assurance that they are built to the very highest specifications using, sustainable timber, high quality nails, all treated with our long lasting weather proofing treatment.

At Advanced Fencing we’re proud of our industry leading reputation and our awards with Wigan Trading Standards, our fencing manufacture process is no different.  If you are looking for high quality hand crafted fences that will stand the test of time call us today we are always happy to help.

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