Choosing fences

Choosing fencesWhen is comes to choosing fences there’s more to it than many people may believe.  Here’s a few tips to consider when you choose fences for your home.

  1. How will the fence posts be installed, how deep will the holes be?  The deeper the hole the more secure the post.
  2. What will the fence posts be made of – concrete is best.
  3. What height of concrete base will you need?  A lot depends on the location and fall of the land too.
  4. Consider the construction of the fences, waney lap or closeboard fences.  Some are stronger than others
  5. Do you want cheap fences to get you by or great fences that will stand the test of time and weather.
  6. When it comes to installation look for a reputable installation team, have they won awards, what’s the customer feedback like.

Choosing fences the hard way.

The hard way to choose fence panels is to nip to your local DIY warehouse and pop them in the back of your car or get them delivered.  It may seem like an easy solution at first but often the end result is many times worse than the fence panels we supply.

Fence panels supplied by Advanced Fencing are made to very high standards using great quality timbers.  What’s more the amount of timber providing the strength is more than the avarage DIY warehouse fence panels.

Many may say fences from DIY sheds are cheaper, we agreed.  In most cases you can get cheaper fence panels then the ones we sell, however is it a good investment?  Are they strong enough and how much cheaper are they really to buy, one or two pounds per panel isn’t that much when you see a cheap panel blow down in the wind.  What price great value and quality?

The easy way to choose fence panels.

Call Advanced Fencing and Gates of Wigan.  We work with you from start to finish, explaining the difference in fence panels, how our award winning service ensures total peace of mind.  Once your happy we take care of the rest.

We don’t employ any sales people you deal with the owner direct.

There’s a big difference between Advanced Fencing and Gates and the rest.  The difference is WE ONLY DO FENCES AND GATES.  This may seem an obvious point, but we have made fences and gates our single point of focus, making sure we provide the very best products and services we can.  Other companies include sheds and all manner of associated products, meaning there focus isn’t solely on fencing.

As we only providing fencing and fencing installation you can be assured our focus is totally on providing you with the right product at the right price.

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Choosing a fence
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Choosing a fence
When is comes to choosing fences there's more to it than many people may believe.  Here's a few tips to consider when you choose fences for your home.
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